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Send us a description of your exterior style, floor plan requirements, square footage needs and we will personalize a portfolio of plans to meet your exact needs. Or just fill out our Form describing your requirements. Please specify whether you would like this sent on CD or paper format. You will receive up to 10 plans for $20.00. After 10 plans add $2.00 per additional plan.

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Single Use Multiple Use Multiple Use - CAD
$.40/ Heated
Square Foot
w/ 6 Sets Blackline + Shipping
(Brochure Included)
$.50/ Heated
Square Foot
with PDF on CD
Free Shipping
$.75/ Heated
Square Foot
with .DWG file on CD
Free Shipping
(Includes Structural Engineering)
2421 Heated Sq. Ft. x $.40 = $968.40
(6 sets of blacklines)

2421 Heated Sq. Ft. x $.50 = $1210.50
(PDF on CD)

2421 Heated Sq. Ft. x $.75 = $1815.75
(CAD files on CD w/ Structural)
- Additional sets of plans may be purchased for $60.00 each.
- Reversing a plan, which is making a mirror image, is $200.00.
- Basement/Crawl space revisions are $200.00 (adding a basement to a plan is one example)
- Materials Notebook is $150.00.
- Digital Artwork is $250.00
* Brochure is 8 1/2" x 11", Black and White, two dimensional
* North Carolina residents are subject to 7% sales tax
* Plans with a red copyright seal may not be reprinted.
* Not all plans are computer generated at this time.
* All foundation changes will be at an additional charge
* All plans include elevations, floor plans, electrical plans, cross section, details, foundation (crawl typical) and structural plans (seals available for some states).
* Floor plans and elevations are subject to minor changes

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Square FootageInvestment
Each single use plan purchase is for one site only, for additional site locations of the same plan there is an additional re-use fee for one year. This fee does not include plan sets, please check the size chart for the price of each set. After one year, ordering for the same plan number will be processed as a new order with the initial fees above. Please refer to the fee schedule below for re-use fees:
0000 - 1500$200.00
1501 - 2500$300.00
2501 -3500$400.00
3501 - 4500$500.00
4501 - 6000$600.00
* When ordering plan sets please remember to include the plan number. See the Transmittal for ordering plans. All plan numbers begin with 10-, 15- or 20-.

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Stock Plan Modification -
*If Exterior walls move this qualifies as a stock plan redraw.
Call for Hourly Rates

Custom House Plans -
Call for Hourly Rates

* No plumbing or mechanical plans are included. These should be obtained from a local engineer to ensure mechanical equipment is sized correctly for your regional building codes and climate conditions. All of our plans are designed to meet the requirements of Standard Building Codes in effect at the time the plan was drawn. Codes are subject to change and we can only guarantee plans in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee

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All plans will be shipped by UPS the next business day after the order is received. Please specify if you would like your plans to be shipped next business day or second business day. Saturday delivery is an additional charge. Please note that UPS will not deliver to a post office box. You must include a physical address. Shipping is based up to 6 sets of plans. Any additional weight will increase the shipping fees.

UPS next day $40.00
UPS 2nd day $25.00
For Saturday delivery please add an additional $20.00.

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We accept Visa / Master Card, check or money order. Please do not send cash. It has always been Design Tech, Inc.'s policy to provide the best service possible. We will process and ship all orders within two days of receipt. All purchases are final. No refunds or exchanges can be accepted. We retain the copyright to all of our plans. For additional information on copyright infringement please contact our office.

* Prices subject to change without notice

* We recommend that your Contractor/building professional verify all conditions and dimensions prior to construction. Once construction has begun, contractor will assume all responsibility. We are not responsible for your selection in building professionals, or any advice or service they provide to you. We recommend that you have an architect/engineer look at your plan before construction begins. For any questions please contact our office.

*prices current as of 7-27-2010